Property Tax Payment

We are glad to offer the convenience of payment by credit card or electronic check for Cabarrus County Real Estate property tax and personal property tax. This automated payment service is administered through an outside vendor, who charges a convenience fee. This convenience fee*is passed on to taxpayers who pay their real estate property taxes online. Cabarrus County does not receive any part of this fee nor is it part of your tax.
Taxpayers will not be charged the convenience fee for online payment of motor vehicle taxes. To avoid paying a convenience fee for motor vehicle tax payments, use the Vehicle Tax Online Payment feature.
Cabarrus County accepts Visa, Master, Discover and American Express cards.
We continue to accept tax payments via mail or in person at the County Governmental Center. Use the envelope provided in your bill, or visit our office at 65 Church Street in Concord. For your convenience, a payment drop-box is located at the interior entrance to the Tax Collections office.
Please allow 24 hours for posting payment to your account.


Select Payment Method​ ​


*Convenience Fee: Cabarrus County contracts with Official Payments Corporation to provide taxpayers the ability to make online payments by credit card at no cost to the County. Official Payments Corporation charges a convenience fee equal to 3% of the tax bill for providing processing services. This fee covers the transaction costs associated with processing credit card payments, which all merchants are required to pay. This fee will appear as a separate line on your credit card statement and will show Official Payments Corporation as the payee.

After you select your preferred payment method and enter your real estate tax information, the system will display the amount of the fee. At this point, you have the option to back out of the transaction, if you choose.
Because the credit card fees are calculated based on the amount of the transaction, it is cost prohibitive for Cabarrus County to absorb the cost of these fees for residential and commercial real estate property taxes. However, Cabarrus County does absorb the cost of credit card transaction fees for payment of motor vehicle taxes, since the cost to the County is much lower. Cabarrus County also absorbs the cost of all other credit card services.