Temperature dips put stress on local families

​County administers program for one-time heat bill assistance

Feb. 2, 2017 – Cabarrus County residents have until March 31 to apply for assistance with heating bills through the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP), provided program funds are not exhausted before the deadline. The program offers one-time annual vendor payment toward heat expenses for winter months in the form of a $200, $300 or $400 credit, depending on income and number of people in the household.
To qualify, the household must include a U.S. citizen or eligible alien with proof of legal citizenship, the household must be subject to the rising cost of heat because it has a heating source, and the household must meet income and resource guidelines.
Income limits for eligibility are as follows:

Number of people in household  (Max. Income)
1  ($1,287)
2  ($1,736)
3  ($2,184)
4  ($2,633)
5  ($3,081)
6  ($3,530)
7  ($3,979)
8  ($4,430)
9  ($4,880)
10 ($5,331)
11 ($5,782 )
12 ($6,232)
13 ($6,683)
Eligibility is determined by using income for the month prior to the date of application. Everyone who makes an application must bring verification of income, social security numbers and date of birth for all household members as well as a copy of the their primary heating source bill and electric bill. You will also need to bring proof of cash-on-hand, savings/checking or money market accounts; and proof of assets, such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds.
A Low Income Energy Assistance Application can be made from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at the Cabarrus County Department of Human Services, located at 1303 S. Cannon Blvd. in Kannapolis.
In December, the program opened to seniors and disabled individuals, only. Since December 1, nearly 1,200 applicants in Cabarrus County received assistance through LIEAP.
For more information about LIEAP, call DHS at 704-920-1400.